Yearly Archive: 2007

“They’re just trying to look after people”

So, here is some scary scary stuff from the South Australian government … Premier Rann’s bunch never cease to amaze me. Apparently, they are now going to be banning PALE people from solariums! I suppose they will be banning pale people from the beach soon??? And how pale is pale, exactly?
What I think is even MORE frightening is the 18 year old that’s quoted at the end of the article saying that it’s alright because the government is just ‘trying to look after people’.
I suppose she’d like Mike Rann to hold her hand while she crosses the street too.

Gotta love the scare mongering

Apparently, chatting in games is evil. Particularly voice chat. I’m not saying that the language in this report isn’t atrocious. It’s really bad. But, face it, it’s no worse than what’s on South Park. And there’s a reason there are ratings on games. And, frankly, parents need to be aware of what their kids are doing. Kids are going to be exposed to this sort of thing whether it’s on the X-Box 360, in World of Warcraft, in the movies they see, or at school. It’s parents’ jobs to make sure their children either aren’t allowed to participate in voice chat, or to see that they understand how wrong that kind of language is. It’s not the games that are inherently evil. This kind of scare-tactic reporting just really annoys me.

Alpha Dog

Ok, so this movie blew me away. It’s based on a true story, so there’s probably not too much of what actually happens in it that would be technically a ‘spoiler’, but I still don’t want to give too much away.
It’s decidedly not for little kids. There’s a very good reason why it’s rated MA15+ in Australia, and R in the US. The violence is very disturbing, but not graphic — definitely not gratuitous and not gory. The story is heartbreaking and the film is incredibly believable. When a drug dealer doesn’t get paid some money that’s owed, things spiral out of control when he takes a little brother as ransom for the money he’s owed. The character of Johnny Trulove is played by Emile Hirsch, who is great. And amazingly, Justing Timberlake (yes, Mr. SexyBack) is astounding in his role. At the critical point of no-turning-back in the film, he was fantastic. Completely worth seeing — but not for those who don’t like a bit of swearing and real-life grit.

New Australian Idol

Wow! I didn’t watch a single episode of Australian Idol this year … But today I found out this girl won — and I’m impressed! Well, at least that’s one winner in Australia I could be happy about this past weekend! The cover of “Crazy” below gave me goosebumps. I hope she blossoms after winning, and that she doesn’t disappear into marketing oblivion.

My sister – the event organiser!

So, my sister, over at Remember What the Dormouse said …, is organizing a Machinima night. My main gripe about the whole thing is that it’s in Bergen, Norway – while I’m Down Under. Otherwise I would love to go! There is a lot of great Machinima out there — including Snacky’s Halloween which you can find above 🙂

So, if you’re in the neighborhood of the event, or even if you want to make a special trips (kind of expensive, but you never know), you should pop on in!

How much is a radio advertising spot these days?

I can’t believe the latest spending initiative of the South Australian government. For the past week, I have been hearing “A message from the South Australian government” in radio advertising breaks, telling me to defrost my meat in the fridge, and that “what you cook can make you crook” – not to leave meat on the counter to be defrosted. Now, you would think there had been a MASSIVE surge in some sort of salmonella or bacteria of some other deadly bug that arrives from defrosting your meat on the kitchen counter around these parts – but if there has been, I certainly haven’t heard about it.

THIS is what the South Australian government chooses to spend money on???? Obviously, we need fewer speed cameras in Adelaide.

Looking for Good Priest/Mature players – sheesh!

Here’s something I’ve never quite understood. In the Looking for Group channel, people constantly look for a ‘good’ healer – Now, what healer, sitting at home and available goes: “hmmm … well, I’m not a very good healer, so I guess they’re not asking me”??? If there IS such a person, they’re actually probably the ones who are too modest, and might actually BE a good healer, but not believe enough in themselves to think they’ll be good enough for the group! It just seems completely counterproductive to me.
Same thing goes for guilds who are looking for mature players. Now, unless they mean mature as in ‘advanced in years’, do they really think that most players sit at home and think, ‘no, that’s not me, I’m really immature and act like an ass most of the time’. Most immature people don’t have a low opinion of themselves at all.
Seems like a waste of breath to me.

Facebook – un-fan-tastic

Apparently, Facebook is inviting corporations to open accounts, and we are all invited to become ‘fans’ of the product. Apparently, this is creating a new brand of marketing with an army of ‘fan-sumers’. (see article here) UGH!!! At first, I thought Facebook was pretty cool. It’s a nifty way of keeping in touch with people you haven’t seen in absolute ages, and a great way to share pics and your general whereabouts with friends. It’s also an incredibly annoying way for people to get a hold of you and keep track of your online movements. i really don’t like people knowing when I was last online, etc etc. And it seems like just another kind of correspondence that I feel guilty for not keeping on top of … email, snail-mail, sms, phone calls … And now, on top of everything, they are going to want me to advertise Coca Cola for them? Nuh uh. Can’t see me biting on that one.

Are women unhappy?

Recently, I read this article on Freakonomics (one of my favorite sites to check on every day). The gist of it seems to be that, despite improving conditions and rights for women, they appear to be less happy than they were 35 years ago. First of all, I’m not sure they ARE more unhappy than they were 35 years ago. Happiness is an incredibly difficult thing to measure and evaluate. And I think women are more prone to call themselves unhappy than men are. i have absolutely no scientific evidence of this, but I will make the call anyway.
But I think something that might contribute to the increases in reported unhappiness is the guilt factor. Because even though we do, as the article says, have increased ability to control reproduction as well as greater opportunities in the work forces, and apparently men are doing more ‘housework’, we still have the massive guilt factor. If we pursue a career, we feel guilty about not getting married and raising the happy Brady Bunch. If we play the happy housewife and stay-at-home mom, we feel guilty about not going out there and using our brains. And if we try to be superwomen and do BOTH, then we feel guilty all the time about neglecting one or the other part of our lives. That’s my theory anyways. And it’s time to GET OVER IT – do what we enjoy and start being happy!