Buying my new Gaming Mouse – only gaming mother of two??

So, recently, I went into a well-known electrical retailer here in Australia to get myself the Logitech G5 gaming mouse. It was quite the experience! Now, I am a shopper that usually does all her research BEFORE entering the store. I know what I want, head straight for it, and to the checkout counter. I normally can’t ABIDE sales people, especially if I feel that I probably know more about the product than the salesperson does. And I usually don’t trust their motives.

So, when I entered the store, I headed straight for the mouse & keyboard section … on the way, a salesperson stopped me. I told him I wanted the G5. His response?

“Have you considered getting him the G7?”

Note the HIM!

I said, “Actually, it’s for me.”
“Really, are you sure you need a gaming mouse?”
“Um, yes.”
“What game do you use it for?” He seemed to be getting more incredulous by the moment.
“World of Warcraft …”
“Really?!?” His eyes now drifted towards my ring finger. “And you’re MARRIED!”.

I quickly finished the transaction, getting more and more annoyed with the pimply sales clerk who seemed to find it absolutely unbelievable that anyone over the age of 21 and female to boot would be a gamer. What astonished me even more was that he kept trying to find out if I really NEEDED all the features of the G5 and selling me an INFERIOR mouse. Like he couldn’t really believe that I was actually serious about which mouse I wanted.

Pretty amazing stuff really.

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