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I’m on a real reading binge at the moment — it seems to go in waves. I think I’ve read 3 books in the last week. The current one is Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. I feel really very slow in reading this book – I mean it’s been out for years now, and getting absolutely astonishing reviews such as this one. And the thing is, that normally I’m a real sucker for a bunch of quotes from good reviews on a dust-jacket sleeve, or on the cover. Lately, however, I have been a little weary of books that – let’s see, how to put this delicately? – are from war-torn areas, or developing world authors, because it seems to me that a lot of the time the reviewers are so blinded by political correctness that they forget to actually review the work itself. Perhaps this is wrong of me, but anyway …. I finally decided to give the book a chance. At the moment, I am halfway through, and I haven’t regretted a single moment of it. Hosseini’s style is absolutely wonderful … and the brutal honesty of the narrator is excruciatingly good. It is especially his honesty in depicting his own character that is heartbreaking. I cannot wait to see how it plays out. Perhaps what I am finding the most refreshing about it is that the story is not directly about the war and about displacement, although those both figure prominently in the story, but about a personal story, and a personal journey. Bravo!

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