Gold Farming …

I have to admit … when I first started playing WoW a couple of years ago, I bought gold. I bought it because getting enough to buy my first ever epic was just too insanely unreachable. Now, several characters later, I can survive without buying gold, because my higher level characters sponsor any new lower level character that I level up. Therefore the pressing financial need is not there anymore.

Today, I just read this article on the Chinese Gold Farmer from the New York times, and watched the accompanying video footage of a typical gold-farming office. The conditions are pretty abysmal to say the least, and I think they would probably stop a lot of ethically minded people from buying gold ever again – until maybe the day when they want to buy that epic flying mount that costs 5000 whopping gold … MTV actually covered an upcoming documentary on this about 6 months ago, in this clip. I’m pretty sure I saw some of the exact footage from the MTV clip in the New York times clip.

It makes for interesting reading anyway, and gave me some food for thought …

And believe it or not, what does your average 25 cents an hour, 12 hour a day, 7 day a week farmer do in his time off??? Visit his local internet gaming cafe for some fun of course!!!!

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