I have been playing the Horde for over a year and a half. After levelling 2 characters to 60 pre-BC expansion (Burning Crusade), I swore off Alliance FOREVER, and joined the Horde. Face it the races are far far cooler on the Horde, and there’s something appealing about being evil in a world full of smiling do-good humans and disgustingly cute gnomes.

So, I leveled my very cool undead priest to 60 (she’s pictured left – notice she can’t see very well), and was busy doing some raiding with HER, when I decided FAR too many people knew me on my current server, and I needed to move! So, I switched servers, and started afresh – Leveled a mage to 60, and then the previously noted expansion came out, and I decided I had to start all over again – this time with a Blood Elf of course – since I’ve been dying to finally look good since switching to Horde. This mage made it to 70 before I decided it was time to stop using magic, and start using some daggers: and this gets us to my latest incarnation, my Blood Elf rogue (had to look good again, you know!).

Now, I’ve reached a situation where I’m too well known on horde again – something I might get into another time. My rogue is 55, and I’m dying to take her to Outland, but sometimes I would LOVE to log on anonymously – no 15 barrages of ‘hey’s’ that I feel obligated to answer so people don’t think I’m rude! Does this mean I (GASP!) make myself an alliance character????? A cute cuddly but devastatingly damaging warlock gnome perhaps? Or is that just too cliche??

I guess the question is leave THIS

For this??

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