What a delicious light read!

While I’m waiting for Out Stealing Horses (Which I finally seem to have succeeded in ordering from Norway), I am indulging myself in this really fun book by Fiona Neill. This is really a Bridget Jones’s Diary for thirty-something mothers! Lucy Sweeney, former television news producer, now full-time mother of three boys, gets herself into all sorts of scrapes and blunders that really hit home. While trying to keep up with Alpha Mum and Yummy Mummy #1 in her son’s class, she manages to get caught driving to school on Walk-Your-Child-to-School day (GASP!!) …
Lucy’s world is one where getting the children to school on time all with the essential nut-free lunches is a major achievement. She is lovely, endearing, and wonderfully human in her attempts to control the chaos that three boys in the house invariably bring with them.
And best of all, her mini-disasters and small but poignant triumphs make it easier to be so much more forgiving of yourself as a mother! It’s fine not to be perfect – and maybe, just maybe, my household isn’t quite as close to the edge of chaos as Lucy’s!!
Highly recommended for a quick light read that will make you feel like Super Mum!

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