So, to the left is my rogue. I admit she looks pretty hot, although I’m very keen to replace those shoulderpads – they’re crummy.
The other day, my rogue was grouping with 4 other people, as you do, to complete an instance. It started as soon as they saw me.
“Wow, blood elf girls make me horny.”
At this point, I usually find that if I tell them I am a girl in real life, the others will tone it down a bit. I’m not averse to a little banter – but I have my limits, and letting them know they are not in the company of a 14 year old boy playing a female blood-elf so he can look at her booty all day – well, that usually takes care of it.
Not so the other night. When I gave them my girl-in-RL line a couple of them said:
“Yea, we all are LOL.”
“No, really, I AM a girl in RL.”
“ROFL dude, yea ok, but I think we should all rape you right now” – or words to that effect. It continued on for a while, but I decided just not to respond and play the instance and that seemed to eventually shut them up.
The thing is I reported them for this. Like I said, I’m not averse to a little banter, but when another player lets someone know that there is a line that should not be crossed, and they continue to do so, then I think they should get an official reprimand. No one likes to be harassed – even in a virtual environment.
Then, today, Blizzard posts the following comic as an honorable mention:

Now, I thought this comic was absolutely hilarious – I really did – the way armor gets changed for females is ridiculous to the extreme sometimes, but then I wonder how much of the kind of thing that I described above would happen if my rogue was dressed in slightly less skintight pants?
Although – Like I said, they DO look hot!