Daily Archive: July 9, 2007

Mum’s Night Out

Once in a very blue moon, I go out on the town and let my hair down. Saturday night was one of those nights. When I heard TeeBee was coming to town to play at St. Paul’s here in Adelaide, I decided this would be my Blue Moon, and managed to attach myself to my young friends’ evening. And I was so totally not disappointed. TeeBee and Calyx played an absolutely ripping set of Drum and Bass. Didn’t let the intensity drop for a second – of course they didn’t come on until after one (AM!!), so for a poor oldie like me it was straight to bed after they were done. And my children concluded that I was suffering from rez sickness (World of Warcraft term) the next day – but it was totally worth it.
If you like Drum and Bass, or you’re just wanting to have a listen to find out what it is all about, you can’t go wrong with TeeBee. It doesn’t hurt that he hails from Bergen, which we all know is the best city in the world. There’s an album release coming up in August from Momentum Music, which any fan should be looking forward to.

Beautiful South Australia

This fantastic book, Light on Earth, by photographer Stavros Pippos has just been released. I have to say that I am drooling to own it. The photographs of various places in and around the State of South Australia are absolutely breathtaking. The gum trees above are located somewhere in the Flinders Ranges, where I have been camping with my family. And the coastal scenery is from Sellick’s Beach, just south of Adelaide. I realize that a lot of the time photographic books with scenery in them are only special to those who have a connection to the places that are photographed – but I truly believe that the photographs in this book are astonishing to absolutely anyone who sees them. They are just dripping in light and color. I just wish I could afford to buy one of the limited edition prints! You should take a look at his gallery – if only to get an idea for the beautiful scenery to be found in South Australia.