Daily Archive: July 11, 2007

Read quick or shut off the internet?

So last time a Harry Potter book came out – I believe it was the Half Blood Prince – you had to be quick otherwise you would inadvertently see something like the t-shirt that was popular at the time, telling you where Dumbledore died.
Now that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is about to come out – July 21st – I wonder what I have to do to keep the joy of finding out the end to myself. Do I pre-order the book and shut off all forms of communication till then? I mean, I probably won’t be able to play WoW even since, someone is bound to shout into general chat what happens. I might even have to shut myself inside the home so that I don’t get told what happens via someone’s t-shirt. And once you have seen something, you cannot, no matter how much you try, un-see it.
And, because half the fun of reading it will be finding out what happens, I guess that means I’ll be pre-ordering the book and holing up in my chair until I finish it – although I was hoping to save it for a beach read in the summer holidays.

Keep it Clean

Vexxy here is showing you a screenshot of a typical couple of minutes in the trade chat channel. This is a channel in WoW that any player of your faction in any major city can access. It’s really nifty, because in this channel you can list anything for sale (wts-want to sell) or look for someone who can make you something from your materials (mats). I know it looks like a bunch of abbreviations, but once you play for a while it all makes sense, trust me!
If only the trade channel could always looks like this – full of people that are wanting to buy and sell stuff. The truth is, that all too often it looks completely different, and not like something I want to picture here. Occasionally people go off on tangents involving what should be done to someone’s mother and what they think of the size of each others’ body parts.
Is it so hard to keep this stuff out of the trade channel??? Aside from the fact that it goes against the agreement a player signs to play the game, it clutters up the trade channel with things that younger players really shouldn’t be subjected to. And it’s not that tricky to keep it out of trade channel. There’s a ‘general chat’ channel that could be used for general chit chat (arguably this channel should be kept clean as well – but that’s another topic).
Periodically, the WoW forums get a post like this one – – claiming that all players who don’t want to see this kind of stuff have to do is keep their profanity filter on. The problem with this argument is that a lot of what gets said isn’t necessarily directly profane words, but it has a decidedly R-rated meaning.
All I ask is that people keep it out of ‘trade’. It really isn’t that hard.