Read quick or shut off the internet?

So last time a Harry Potter book came out – I believe it was the Half Blood Prince – you had to be quick otherwise you would inadvertently see something like the t-shirt that was popular at the time, telling you where Dumbledore died.
Now that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is about to come out – July 21st – I wonder what I have to do to keep the joy of finding out the end to myself. Do I pre-order the book and shut off all forms of communication till then? I mean, I probably won’t be able to play WoW even since, someone is bound to shout into general chat what happens. I might even have to shut myself inside the home so that I don’t get told what happens via someone’s t-shirt. And once you have seen something, you cannot, no matter how much you try, un-see it.
And, because half the fun of reading it will be finding out what happens, I guess that means I’ll be pre-ordering the book and holing up in my chair until I finish it – although I was hoping to save it for a beach read in the summer holidays.

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  1. Revena

    I think I’ll probably be using the “get the book at midnight, keep the internet off, and read really fast” method. I think it’s very weird that so many people think spoiling others on this series is hilarious, though. Where does that impulse come from?

  2. slife (Post author)

    It must be some way of making them feel important, I think.


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