What happened to journalists, anyway?

Now, I am not being un-pc enough to suggest that there is NO global warming. I am however, un-pc enough to suggest that my brain wants some answers from scientists. I don’t want Al Gore – a POLITICIAN – or anyone on the WEB — with no credentials, or Sheryl Crow – a MUSIC ARTIST, telling me what is true.

I also know that media can, in our day and age, distort things to whatever the received notion of something is any day of the week.

Now, my point in this post is NOT to argue the CO2 emissions thing. (Although I DO think you should watch both Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and the Swindle video very carefully – both are propaganda videos, but both have a valid point of view).

MY point has much more to do with the media’s approach to the matter. WHEN was the last time you saw a journalist that was impartial on this issue (or any other for that matter) approach the issue without a ready-formed opinion??? It seems to me that, increasingly, ‘investigative’ journalists are interviewing their subjects with a definite agenda they want to get across.

What happened to the impartial journalist???

Meanwhile, I think we can all agree that – whatever causes it … global warming is a proven fact!

Proof that global warming exists:

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