P!nk – Dear Mr. President Offical Video

You have GOT to be kidding me! For weeks now I have been getting angry whenever I hear this song. I’ve debated whether to say something about it or not, and I just cannot be silent any longer. If you want the full lyrics, you can look here.
The thing that gets me the most about this song is the complete arrogance and lack of respect that it shows. I don’t care WHAT your politics are, republican or democrat, but to suggest even for one SECOND that the president of the United States does not feel for the families of the soldiers he sends into battle is perverse.

And the line that really, really gets me is the ‘let me tell you about hard work’.

What I would like to say to that starts with F and finishes with Off, but I guess that’s not very productive. But I would like her to take a walk in George’s shoes for one day before she claims, on her stage, having fun in front of millions of fans, to know that she knows more about hard work than a man who daily weighs the fate of hundreds of millions in his mind and conscience.

And I bet the First Lady is Damned proud.
I hope George W Bush DOES invite Pink for a walk!

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