World of Warcraft is truly for everyone

I have the ultimate proof that WoW is for all shapes and sizes. I’ve never had trouble with my children being able to play World of Warcraft. They have grown up on PC’s, parents who play, and are now experts at the Wii Nunchuck (or whatever it’s called). But I now know that WoW is truly a game for anyone.

My father-in-law has been playing for years. He’s a man who used to (apparently) ride his horse through blizzards in New Zealand to get to school back when the world was a better place. But that doesn’t stop him. He has 5 or 6 level 50 characters. They are all a little lacking in the gear department (if you look at it from a serious player’s point of view). But he has fun.

And that’s all that matters, isn’t it?? If you are a WoW player, you might enjoy checking out his rogue’s intellect stats. They’re impressive!

Old Farts R Us is lucky to have him!

And it just proves my point, that WoW is a game that everyone can enjoy — I’m just worried I’ll end up telling him off in a group – not knowing who he is … which is why I’m glad he plays alliance!

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  1. Laiane

    Always nice to see more of us Old Fart Gamers! There was a pseudo-argument in the chat channel on Vanguard the other night as to who was the oldest. “I remember Pong!” “No, I remember UHF television!” “I remember metal lawn darts!” And so on.

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