Normally, the prospect of taking my two pre-pubescent boys to the movies doesn’t fill me with joy. The type of movie that they get excited about isn’t exactly the same that I would choose for myself most of the time. Today, I got lucky! I wasn’t really looking forward to Transformers, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The film is one over the top thrill after the next. And when I say over the top, I mean over the top! But it works. The movie is so much fun, I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Some of the lines are hilarious, and the action is pretty mind boggling, with sonic booms blasting the speakers constantly. John Turturro is absolutely gold as the secret government agency man and Shia Labeouf is fabulous as the reluctant teenage hero. And while the amount of cleavage and other sweaty skin Megan Fox parades around as Labeouf’s sidekick is enough to make any heterosexual female in the audience scowl in green rage, I’m sure the men in the audience aren’t complaining. And to be fair, there’s a fair bit of eye candy for the ladies there too. Go see it! Expect it to be over the top and enjoy the ride.