What?? Not a Blood Elf?

I’ve started leveling a warrior. I’m sick and tired of always looking for a tank, so I’ll just be one! You can’t be a Blood Elf warrior – unfortunately, so I’m trying something radical – I’m playing an Orc!! Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to make a female orc look attractive. But my tank doesn’t realize that — she likes to stay in touch with her feminine side – hence the pig tails. It’s incredible how few female orcs there are around actually … I’m one of the few I’ve seen. I think the female orc is vastly underrated, especially now that I’ve seen their dance (snapshot in the pic). I wish World of Warcraft Census would not only list class/race statistics but gender as well. Would be interesting …

Since she’s only in her 20’s level wise her gear isn’t that brilliant yet, but I did make her this amazing silver breastplate. Hopefully no one will decide to stab me in the belly, since it doesn’t cover my mid-riff.

Anyway, she’s a lot of fun … the mage, priest, and rogue might have to be on the back-burner for a while.

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  1. Tina

    Just discovered your blog today, which I love! I have a level 70 orc warrior, Kalamati, on Kael’thas. Kal is the shiznit. I gave her white spiky hair and lots of piercings. I also have a BE pally, but Kal is so much more fun to play. It’s liberating to be such a tough chick!

  2. slife (Post author)

    Thanks for the compliment! And for the positive comments about my Felixxity — yea – I’m really loving her!

  3. Anonymous

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