Daily Archive: August 1, 2007

Virtual Snipping

As I was browsing the ‘pages’ of Wired today, I found out that there is apparently a whole new deal between Lifetime (a Cable TV network mostly geared towards women) and RealNetworks to produce games geared toward girls and women. The first to come will be Sally’s Salon — where you can experience the joys of beautifying “everyone from little old ladies to punk rockers in 10 unique salon locations”. Apparently, there are a total of 50 difficulty settings!!

Personally, I find this very unappealing, but my guess is that I’m not their target market. I can’t help but think though that women who are drawn to gaming are not the kind of people who are going to be into running a virtual beauty empire. But then, maybe they are trying to target those women who aren’t already gamers. Hope they’re advertising at the local spa.