This man is just way way way too gullible. He has just been rescued by a 70 strong police task force from a kidnapping in Mali. Apparently, he headed off to Mali from a rinky-dink outback town in South Australia to meet his one true Internet love “Natarcha”, who he had known intimately for 8 months via his Internet connection. That’s pretty stupid in itself … head off to MALI to meet meet your fiance?? What was wrong with trying, say, Adelaide? But it gets worse. Much worse. Not only did he think he was meeting his one true soul mate, but he was also under the impression that he would be picking up a $100,000 DOWRY. Ah, yes, Mali families will pay highly for outback Australian farmers for their girls. Yes, he’d really hit the jackpot here.
Apparently, his first attempt at meeting up with his first true love (via a Russian mail-order service) hadn’t gone too well either.
I wonder if he was terribly shocked when he turned up at the airport in Mali and there was no Natarcha in sight — just three men who threw him into a room and started harassing his family for ransom money — $100,000 dollars to be exact. Maybe they were just trying to raise the money for the dowry.