I just read some incredibly exciting news! Apparently, TiVo is FINALLY coming to Australia!! For a few years now, we have been semi-blessed with the Foxtel IQ. The IQ is at best a very poor second cousin to the TiVo. It cannot search in any way shape or form. It doesn’t have a thumbs up and thumbs down feature. And it doesn’t allow bookmarks in programs. So you have to search through the TV listings to find your program, then hit record. And only sometimes does it have a ‘series-link’ which is meant to be like a season pass.
The biggest problem with the IQ is that you can’t use it for free-to-air television. All the major networks don’t provide Foxtel with digital programming information, so the programs that you probably really wanted to use it for in the first place aren’t accessible. You have to actually type in the TIME that you want something recorded, and hope that the networks stick with it.
I have missed the TiVo very much since living in Australia. As a matter of fact, it is probably one of the only things I still miss about living in the US (there are a few others but they can probably wait till another day).
But I’m nervous. Will Foxtel provide Channel 7 (who is bringing in the TiVo) with THEIR programming information??? I can imagine that they will be extremely reluctant to since it would probably spell the end of the very inferior IQ.
So, we may end up having to use both machines for a while. Or just stop watching Foxtel for anything other than sport. Australian cable TV ain’t that hot anyway.