Ah – election years, they really bring out the best in people, don’t they? Well, it’s election year here in Oz, and it’s starting to get ugly …

I’m sure I’m not the only person blogging about Kevin Rudd’s trip to a famous New York strip club today. Now, in case you aren’t in Australia, I’ll tell you that Kevin Rudd could be our next Prime Minister. He’s the leader of the Labour Party, and if you believe opinion polls, extremely likely to win the federal election later this year.

Well, yesterday, it was all over the papers that he was in New York as an official Australian delegate to the United Nations in 2004 … when he went out with the boys, got a little sozzled, and headed to Scores – a ‘gentleman’s club’ – where he apparently couldn’t keep his hands off the girls and had to get a talking to for inappropriate behavior.

Most commentary I’ve seen about this is all about how there’s nothing wrong with a little innocent sozzling and man-handling of strippers. It’s pure red-blooded Australian male … why, some politicians have raised their hands up to say that they too have indeed been to strip clubs.

Well, that’s not the issue is it?? The point is that this is a man who continually projects himself as a conservative Christian family man — and this clearly contradicts that. And don’t give me any crap about how he was drunk … drink tends to bring out the truth in people.

Now, Rudd’s line here is that he can’t remember quite what happened because he had had too much to drink. HELLO??? This is a defense???

Frankly, I don’t trust this man – he’s clearly projecting an image completely out of character with who he really is. And getting so drunk that he can’t remember getting told off for manhandling strippers while on an $18,000 (AUD) tax-payer funded official trip???? This is who Australia wants to have as their Prime Minister???


And there ends my political rant. I’m off to farm motes in Azeroth.