Daily Archive: August 21, 2007

Inmates performing Thriller!

This is amazing!! An entire population of prision inmates in the Phillippines practicing a reenactment of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video — Thanks to John Brownlee who posted this originally … What struck me was his comment in his post:

Why the hell aren’t our own prisons trying something like this to boost morale?

I happen to agree with him — however, recently, we had a much milder version of this event happen here in Adelaide. You can read the whole story here, but basically the prison put on a show where the prisoners were the entertainment, and the prison manager was part of it.

She dressed as a fairy godmother and danced with inmates, including at least one murderer

and has now been banned from the State’s correctional services!!
What a totally different attitude eh?? I say give the inmates some fun … note the name of the state’s services: Correctional! It’s not ‘Lock em up and throw away the key’ … although I think that’s what our Premier and many others would rather have it be.

Guildless is obviously evil

So, my mage is currently guildless – by choice, I might add. She’s 70, but all I do with her really is farm stuff and money for my other characters. I don’t feel like being in a guild with her and having obligations, etc.
This makes some people really uncomfortable for some reason. The other day I was in Orgrimmar at 4 am server time, and I was opening a portal to Shattrath, so I offered the remaining spots for 2 gold a person in Trade Channel.
As usual, some idiot starts talking about how outrageous my prices are. I just ignore talk like that – because frankly, I can charge whatever I like — it’s not like I NEED to open a portal.
But then, it got more personal: How come you’re not in a guild?? (in trade channel) … the general consensus seemed to be that I was a wicked evil person just because I wasn’t in a guild.
Yes, I know you never know who’s on the other side, and I should assume this was just kids talking – but really, I’m so over it. I finally told him, “Yes, I’m not in a guild because I’m a mean horrible person with no friends”, which caused this guy to put me on ignore.
I had to chuckle when 3 minutes later he wanted to buy a potion, and I could have made it for him …
/end rant