Well, well, well, some sample questions are out from the new citizenship test that will be introduced in Australia! Personally, I am glad I became a citizen nearly 2 years ago, because frankly this would have required some studying! Actually, I’m lucky, I went to Law School here in Australia, so I actually know the answers to a lot of these things.
But I’d sure like to know how many natively born Australians can answer the following questions:

1. In what year did Federation take place?
2. Which day of the year is Australia Day?
3. Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
4. What is the first line of Australia’s national anthem?
5. What is the floral emblem of Australia?
6. What is the population of Australia?
7. In what city is the Parliament House of the Commonwealth Parliament located?
8. Who is the Queen’s representative in Australia?
9. How are Members of Parliament chosen?
10. Who do Members of Parliament represent?
11. After a federal election, who forms the new government?
12. What are the colours on the Australian flag?
13. Who is the head of the Australian Government?
14. What are the three levels of government in Australia?
15. In what year did the European settlement of Australia start?
16. Serving on a jury if required is a responsibility of Australian citizenship: true or false?
17. In Australia, everyone is free to practise the religion of their choice, or practise no religion: true of false?
18. To be elected to the Commonwealth Parliament you must be an Australian citizen: true or false?
19. As an Australian citizen, I have the right to register my baby born overseas as an Australian citizen: true or false?
20. Australian citizens aged 18 years or over are required to enrol on the electoral register: true or false?

… ….. without looking up the answers of course. So, since we are forcing immigrants to answer these questions before allowing them to become citizens, maybe we should make ALL Australians take the test. If you fail, you get sent to Tasmania??