I just reviewed this book by Erina Reddan. It is absolutely spellbinding. I can’t remember last time I enjoyed a new novel so much … It was one of those books where I knew I would not be able to put it down after two pages. Reddan’s prose is deceptively simple. While the sentences and word-choice might be simple, the story and the characters most certainly are not. The richly textured plot leaves you hungering for more.
Reddan, an award-winning Australian journalist, is married to a Mexican, and apparently Lilia de Las Flores in the novel is based on her husband’s grandmother. Family legend has it that she married and then murdered five men.
The action of the novel may be set in a sleepy and mystical Mexican town, but the two main characters are staunchly Western. This makes it easy for a Western reader to identify with their reaction to the seemingly magical story that enfolds around them.
I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. I don’t think it is released in the U.S. at the moment, although I could be wrong. It is available from Dymocks in Australia though – the link will take you straight to it. I originally reviewed the book in the Indaily (online version of Adelaide’s Independent Weekly) … feel free to read my original review!