Well, I suppose he didn’t really steal it, but it felt
like he did. For weeks I’ve been saying that I’d like to level a hunter after I level my warrior because I’d like to find out why there are so many useless ones around.
So, I go away for a few days to visit my Dad and sister, and I come home to find … he’s made a hunter! Not only has he made a hunter, but he tamed a lion and named it after our cat … needless to say, that’s what I was going to do! And, on top of THAT, he’s made him an engineer … you guessed it, like I was going to! Grrrr. Well, my warrior’s only 41 anyway, so it was going to be a while … I guess you snooze you lose. My only consolation is that his is a troll — I see mine more as a Blood Elf :).
Maybe that warlock sounds good still too ….