Two lives; two wives

So, this guy in The Times ‘confesses’ to being a cheater. He’s got a wife and a mistress that he’s had for 15 years. And he sits there justifying how great it all is and how it all works. One of the women (the mistress) knows that she’s one of two, while the other doesn’t … although he suspects she might know doesn’t ‘rock the boat’.

GIVE ME A BREAK! This guy thinks both women are happy with the way things are. Well, he can justify it all he wants, but in the end, he’s living a lie. At least with one of them. He’s lying to the one that doesn’t know every single day. And the mistress? Is she really and actually happy with the situation? Does she not hate that she can’t go around with him openly? Sure, it’s all well and good for him, he’s got a relationship he doesn’t have to hide. Well, I suppose for all I know, she might too.

No, if the man must so absolutely share his life with two women, I think he should do so openly. Like in HBO’s series Big Love. Not that I fancy sharing my house with two other women. Much less my husband and children. But maybe there are women who thrive on that commune idea. I don’t know. But it has to be better than living 15 years in a lie.

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