Dying in Make-Believe

So, I really think dying in World of Warcraft is a complete PAIN. When you die, you either have to face the massive ghost-run back to your body, or see the spirit healer, and take a 10 minute resurrection sickness penalty. Not to mention the surge in repair costs. If you die too much, you will end up a very poor person – especially if your gear is really uber.
But face it compared to some games, the penalty is pittance. If this place is something to be believed, dying in the good-old dice version of Dungeons and Dragons can be a REAL pain.
This one dungeon master says:

You let your players cast Resurrection? How cheesy. In my game, if you want someone raised, you need to get the High Priest to do it for you. First, you have to do a quest to get someone to tell you where the High Priest is. Then you have to do a quest before they’ll let you in the temple. Then you have to do a quest before they’ll let you talk to the High Priest. Then you have to do a quest to prove to the High Priest that you’re serious. Then it’s time for some REAL questing. After that you can get your friends raised, just in time for the obligatory post-resurrection debt quests.

I mean OUCH!! Isn’t there a limit to how much you want the role-playing to seem realistic?? I guess it can discourage the idiots who don’t know how to play well, but seriously, doesn’t everyone have their off days?

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