Not one but two

Well, I’m not usually a nature blogger, but today I had just an incredible experience right in my own front yard.
I was sitting here, ‘working’ hard when I heard a koala sound (if you don’t know what that sounds like, you can hear it here). Now, living in Australia, that in itself is not actually THAT unusual, although it’s not an everyday experience either, so I tore myself away from the keyboard to have a look.
Imagine my surprise when our gum tree had not ONE but TWO koalas in it! I had never seen that before! Koalas are very territorial, so I figure either it’s mating season, or someone had accidentally stumbled up someone else’s tree. I think it was the latter actually, since neither one of them looked particularly pleased with the situation. So, how do koalas decide who wins? The one with the loudest growl? Or the one furthest up the tree? I watched for a long time, but they seemed to be at a stand-still. And while I was away picking the kids up the situation must have been resolved, because now there is only one.

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