Bears are Boring – or why I’ll never like my druid …

No, this is not turning into a wildlife blog …. This time it’s my vanity in gameplay that’s the issue. And I think that I can’t be the only one who has the issue, but anyway:

I’ve always thought druids would be a cool class to play. Their ability to solo, heal, and tank is pretty awesome … and I have a REALLY hard time killing good ones in pvp. But, when I try to level one I get stuck. Not because I don’t know how to play one, but because their LOOK is pretty boring. Now, call me vain or whatever, but I spend a looong time creating my character. I want it to look just right. So, obviously, I can’t play a cow (Tauren), but have to resort to the Alliance and playing a Night Elf. This in itself is not so bad. I kinda like the way the chick up above looks. That’s my druid in Night Elf form. My problem is with the shapeshifted form. You spend a LOT of time shapeshifted into, for example, a bear. Like so:

The problem is, that once you’re a bear, you look like every other bear druid in the game. I feel no connection with the way this bear looks AT ALL. The bear is boring and it is generic. No personality whatsoever. So I get bored with it. I think the problem could be easily solved like this:

Granted, my skills with graphics are way beyond limited. But you might get my point. Isn’t there a way to let the bear form keep some of the characteristics of the toon you made? The same hair color for example? Maybe then it would be easier to identify with.

Until then, my druid is on hold, I’m afraid.

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  1. Pai

    That’s a really good idea, imo.

    That, and they need to make cheetah form not the same as the generic cat mob model.

    1. Estella

      I can’t beelive I’ve been going for years without knowing that.


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