News of a different kind

I’m a conscientious news reader. I open my browser every morning, and I read about 5 papers. The Norwegian one, the Adelaide one, the Australian one, the British one, and the American one. I feel like I get a pretty rounded perspective on world affairs, and I feel pretty informed. Takes me forever of course, but that’s what my two giant mugs of coffee in the morning are for.
But in the end, the news just gets a LITTLE serious. For years I read The Onion to counter this. The problem is that so much of the funny stuff on there is about American sports, and I’m just not into them really. But just recently, I discovered this little gem: The Daily Mash … which is kind of like The Onion, but with a British perspective. I liked this article today. Gave me a bit of a chuckle, and although it’s a little harsh, I agree with most of it :). So, if you ever need a bit of a chuckle when you read the news, I recommend the Daily Mash … puts the brighter side of things perspective on it!

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