I came across this article today about eliminating ‘cheating’ in computer games.
I guess I don’t really have a problem with MOST types of cheating in World of Warcraft. If someone wants to buy a bunch of gold or buy a level 70 character from someone on e-bay – that really doesn’t worry me much. Buying the gold I’ve discussed before – and the person buying their fully leveled character? Well, first of all, they won’t know how to play their class – which could be a real bummer when trying to group – maybe not the first time, but people quickly learn to avoid bad players.
Someone who buys their character fully developed also misses out on all the fun of leveling – learning the intricacies of their character, etc. I guess they’re not after the same experience as me from the game.
I’m not QUITE as lenient on people who use other programs to exploit the game. When you see a character going round and round in circles ‘farming’ in what’s quite obviously an automated way, it can be a little annoying if you yourself are trying to get the things they’re farming. I had a friend once who used some program to stand fishing for hours on end in the Wailing Caverns getting Savory Deviate delights, and he made a bunch of gold that way. But really, even this form of cheating doesn’t worry me toooo much (I know, I know, a lot of people are screaming, “But look at what it does to the realm economy!”).
What DOES worry me is the cheater who hacks into someone else’s account, steals their characters and sells off the loot. That seems rather criminal to me … and I wouldn’t be happy if it happened to me. This is the kind of cheating I think the game developers should be focusing on preventing — of course that’s also up to the owners of the accounts … keeping security tight and protecting their password, etc.
Meh – I guess I wish the game developers would focus their time, energy and other resources on making the game better …

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