Why I’m allowed to yell at my husband

Apparently, it’s actually good for my health — or rather, it’s apparently bad for my health to bottle it up inside. According to this article in the New York Times

when women stay quiet, it takes a surprising physical toll.

The situation is of course NOT the same for men … so I apparently get to scream to my heart’s content when the PMS sets in, otherwise I could suffer just as much damage to my health as I would get by smoking! This is alarming news. And I bet my husband and a lot of other husbands find the news even more alarming. May I suggest ear plugs? It’s a lot better than losing me early? Then again, if I died earlier as a result of this ‘self-silencing’, he’d have to put up with fewer years of yelling and ‘venting’.

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  1. Hana

    I loved family´s Italy – in the past – but it´s for nothing to shout at a man – an animal 🙂 he can´t understand woman´s feelings. I think, it´s better to get out to nature and walk or dance or sing or cry .. I am sending you many greetings from Prag. Hana – Shelfari
    I know nobody in Australia – and don´t know anything about lives of Australians – it would be nice of you if you write some notes about this topic to me. My son would like to stay there one day (now he studies in Scotland). With many greetings – Hana, Prague, Europe


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