How bad for you could it possibly be??

So, recently, I’ve seen a few different articles on exercise … and funnily enough, not ones that encourage exercise. This one from the Sydney Morning Herald particularly caught my attention. Apparently,

Nearly one-quarter of gym-goers exercise at levels that can be dangerous to their health, new research shows.

Now come on!! In a society that is becoming increasingly sedentary, little kiddies in school are getting increasingly chubbier, and stadium seats are being built increasingly wider to accommodate our increasing derrières, is this really the kind of stuff we should be worried about?
Apparently, Jane Fletcher, a psychologist quoted in the article thinks

“Exercise is not bad in itself. It is whether it interferes with your work, social life and family life that may indicate whether you have a problem.”

Now, I have several issues with this. The most obvious one is that a lot of people who enjoy working out and staying fit actually socialize AT THE GYM. Is that evil? And as far as I know, more and more businesses actually encourage their employees to become more physically active.
Also, why is it always so inherently discouraged to be addicted to something? We’re addicted to oxygen. And I’m addicted to food. Why should it be bad to be addicted to an activity (exercise at the gym, for example) that actually makes you healthier, gives you more energy, and might even be socially enjoyable??
Aargh!! I know that I personally don’t need to be given any more excuses to not get up and go to the gym. Save me from these sensationalist news stories, and let me get off to the gym!

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