Facebook – un-fan-tastic

Apparently, Facebook is inviting corporations to open accounts, and we are all invited to become ‘fans’ of the product. Apparently, this is creating a new brand of marketing with an army of ‘fan-sumers’. (see article here) UGH!!! At first, I thought Facebook was pretty cool. It’s a nifty way of keeping in touch with people you haven’t seen in absolute ages, and a great way to share pics and your general whereabouts with friends. It’s also an incredibly annoying way for people to get a hold of you and keep track of your online movements. i really don’t like people knowing when I was last online, etc etc. And it seems like just another kind of correspondence that I feel guilty for not keeping on top of … email, snail-mail, sms, phone calls … And now, on top of everything, they are going to want me to advertise Coca Cola for them? Nuh uh. Can’t see me biting on that one.

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