Looking for Good Priest/Mature players – sheesh!

Here’s something I’ve never quite understood. In the Looking for Group channel, people constantly look for a ‘good’ healer – Now, what healer, sitting at home and available goes: “hmmm … well, I’m not a very good healer, so I guess they’re not asking me”??? If there IS such a person, they’re actually probably the ones who are too modest, and might actually BE a good healer, but not believe enough in themselves to think they’ll be good enough for the group! It just seems completely counterproductive to me.
Same thing goes for guilds who are looking for mature players. Now, unless they mean mature as in ‘advanced in years’, do they really think that most players sit at home and think, ‘no, that’s not me, I’m really immature and act like an ass most of the time’. Most immature people don’t have a low opinion of themselves at all.
Seems like a waste of breath to me.

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