Monthly Archive: February 2008

Reports of my demise …

So, I finally succumbed to temptation and Google’s myself. Apparently I’m dead. Not only am I dead, but I’m dead as a result of a botched abortion, and there is a whole “Justice for Strumpet” site up and running, with lots of blogs commenting on it. Of course, it’s not called ‘Justice for Strumpet’, but you get the general idea.
Now, I think this should teach me a lesson. First of all, my name is not as unique as I think it is … and second of all, I shouldn’t be so vain as to assume that anything about the actual me would be out there on the internet (apart from on Facebook I guess).
If anything, it creeped me out. Reading about your own death isn’t fun. Luckily, the similarities between the real me and my doppelganger were limited to the same first and last name — all other details were different. Whew!

Radio Horror and Radio Bliss

Well, since arriving in the US 2 weeks ago, there have naturally been quite a few little culture shocks and snags — but one of them is now amazingly resolved — just about. One of the ickiest things about arriving here in Denver has been turning on the radio in the car — there are 5 million ‘classic rock’ stations, 2 million ‘country’ stations and a good few hip hop stations … not that there is anything wrong with any of that in moderation, but there’s NOTHING else worth listening to! On the off chance that I find a song, I can only listen to it for a few minutes before the never-ending commercials come on.
But I have found the solution — and now I can’t believe my luck! Satellite radio in my car is absolute heaven!! Not only are the channels commercial free, but there are 5 dance music channels – alas, no pure drum n bass channel, but still — not bad!! And joy of all joys: I get BBC radio 1!! Which means I get the Essential Mix in my car – live! AND … I get BBC World Service — real news! Now, if I could only convince Sirius to get ABC Grandstand and BBC Radio 5 for cricket and rugby, all will be astonishingly good!

We Need to Talk about Kevin

School shootings have been much on my mind lately. Having just moved into the Columbine High School school district, I couldn’t help but note that one day, my boys will attend the school where one of the more notorious school shootings occurred. It doesn’t necessarily worry me … I figure their chances of getting shot at high school will be pretty much equal no matter what school they go to, but it is did bring back memories of the Columbine shootings.
Then, I suppose not entirely by accident, I picked up Lionel Shriver‘s We Need to Talk About Kevin. The novel is written as a series of letters written by the mother of a school shooter to her husband. It is heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching, and utterly engrossing. It is story of Kevin’s life and his mother’s agonizing over what role she has played in making him who he is. This is not light reading — but it is very very good and well worth the read. It brings to light something we might forget when we hear about ‘shooters’ — such as the topical young man who just took so many lives at Northern Illinois University — these people haven’t appeared from a vacuum … they have parents … and those parents aren’t so very different from you or me.

Tigers, OH MY!

It is no surprise to those who know me that my favorite animal is the tiger — all cats are amazing, but tigers are something really special. Yesterday, we took a break from all sorts of moving chores and had a look at the Downtown Aquarium here in Denver. One of the highlights for me was the rain forest exhibit, which features an amazing tiger enclosure … complete with running water, mist, and Sumatran tigers! On our visit yesterday, we were lucky enough to have one of them patrolling his enclosure. It was absolutely breathtaking to see him walking around.
Then, to my dismay, I woke up to this article on the BBC news website, reporting a dramatic decline in the tiger population of India. I don’t normally get all misty eyed about animal conservation, but the prospect of a world without tigers is heartbreaking. My husband would say that ‘the tiger has been going extinct for as long as he can remember, and it hasn’t happened yet’ — and my rational mind agrees with him, but when it comes to tigers I am not rational, but emotional. I’m even considering adopting a tiger from the World Wildlife Fund … or making a donation to the Save the Tiger Fund. If I could only be sure that my money would actually help …..

Location, Location, Location!

So, yes, I have been very – very – slack lately … but I’ve had a good excuse! My family has switched continents, and we are now in Denver, Colorado! We are not moving into our new house until the end of February, so posts will probably still be sporadic, but I’m hoping to be more active!