Radio Horror and Radio Bliss

Well, since arriving in the US 2 weeks ago, there have naturally been quite a few little culture shocks and snags — but one of them is now amazingly resolved — just about. One of the ickiest things about arriving here in Denver has been turning on the radio in the car — there are 5 million ‘classic rock’ stations, 2 million ‘country’ stations and a good few hip hop stations … not that there is anything wrong with any of that in moderation, but there’s NOTHING else worth listening to! On the off chance that I find a song, I can only listen to it for a few minutes before the never-ending commercials come on.
But I have found the solution — and now I can’t believe my luck! Satellite radio in my car is absolute heaven!! Not only are the channels commercial free, but there are 5 dance music channels – alas, no pure drum n bass channel, but still — not bad!! And joy of all joys: I get BBC radio 1!! Which means I get the Essential Mix in my car – live! AND … I get BBC World Service — real news! Now, if I could only convince Sirius to get ABC Grandstand and BBC Radio 5 for cricket and rugby, all will be astonishingly good!

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