Reports of my demise …

So, I finally succumbed to temptation and Google’s myself. Apparently I’m dead. Not only am I dead, but I’m dead as a result of a botched abortion, and there is a whole “Justice for Strumpet” site up and running, with lots of blogs commenting on it. Of course, it’s not called ‘Justice for Strumpet’, but you get the general idea.
Now, I think this should teach me a lesson. First of all, my name is not as unique as I think it is … and second of all, I shouldn’t be so vain as to assume that anything about the actual me would be out there on the internet (apart from on Facebook I guess).
If anything, it creeped me out. Reading about your own death isn’t fun. Luckily, the similarities between the real me and my doppelganger were limited to the same first and last name — all other details were different. Whew!

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