In memory of THE Dungeon Master

David Kushner at Wired has written an amazing article on the recently deceased Gary Gygax, the original dungeon master and father of Dungeons and Dragons.
While I no longer play D&D, my son does, and I know lots of adults who still do, and still enjoy it immensely. While I have taken the multimedia path more trodden and chosen to join the online sensation, World of Warcraft, I still think of the original role playing game with extreme affection. Hours spent rolling dice and creating intriguing elves with names like Silverleaf who could blast their enemies with fire.
I really don’t think we could have all the wealth of games available to us today without the genius of Gygax.
Condolences to his family and friends.

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  1. Linn Søvig

    Thought you might like this little tribute: MIT students erect giant 20-sided die in Gary Gygax tribute.


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