Hide and Seek

What on EARTH is it that makes people want to be FOUND all the time! I’m completely expecting to find out that the article in The Times today (April 1st) about the Facebook application ‘Sniff’ is an April Fool’s gag … but it’s scarily right on. People are constantly making information of their whereabouts accessible to others – they let them know where they can be contacted at all hours of the day.

Yuckity yuck! I don’t LIKE that about the wired world. Pretty soon there will be no where left to hide … How do you tell that ‘white lie’ about not being available, or being dreadfully busy, if your friends and acquaintances can track where you are all the time? We might not quite be there yet, but we’re getting incredibly close!

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  1. butterfly-like network

    Yes, I’d not want to be found all the time… and I like to play up mobile reception dead spots, internet service outages, and so on – they do still happen…

    I do wonder, though, whether the abundance of information about people’s whereabouts via Facebook and so on isn’t more of an illusion of knowing where they are than a reality. The one person I know who is tremendously active on Facebook, has all kinds of events notifiers and photos and so on, is also someone who basically leads several lives that she keeps very carefully distinct. No overlaps. Her Facebook self only refers to one of her lives and never to anything outside it but it gives the illusion that that is who she really is.

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