Sorry, we’re out of … CHICKEN??

So, I just spent the weekend with my family in Estes Park, Colorado — the gateway to gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park. The weekend was wonderful, and we ate at some pretty nice restaurants up there, but our experience on Saturday night took the cake. Having been extremely healthy for weeks now, we decided that a bit of greasy indulgence was in order — what could fit the bill better than Kentucky Fried Chicken? So, we stopped into the Estes Park KFC. Now, there are only 4 of us in the family — but after we had ordered 2 number 3 meals (I think they were strips), the extremely brainy checkout chap stopped us right there and went nervously to see his manager.
Apparently, they were OUT OF CHICKEN??
Ok ….
So, we went across the street to MickyD’s. Not that they were much better off. They were too stunned by my husband and kids’ accents to realise they didn’t have any fries cooking, so we had to wait a while for those.
I was wishing we had bought our black tie attire so we could go to The Stanley. Oh well, we ate eventually, and then when back to our lovely Solitude cabin (highly recommended) to enjoy a bottle of wine instead!

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