Just because you can breed …

Recently, a California court ruled that parents who wanted to home-school their children needed to be certified by the State.
I imagine home-schooling parents all over are up in arms about this, and about their right to teach their children however they see fit, and so on. The problem with that philosophy is that the rest of us in society have to live with whatever they produce. No matter how cooky these kids turn out, it’s not only the parents who taught them so admirably that have to deal with them – it’s the rest of us who have to deal with them , and who have to rely on them to be productive members of society. Unfortunately, there are so many home schoolers who subscribe to wacky approaches to child rearing. Take for example fans of ‘unschooling’ — who believe in the free-floating ‘fluid’ approach to schooling, without the shcackles of all that structure and discipline. Hopefully, all the kids who emerge from this kind of system will all be creative people who don’t need to deal with the structure of a workplace – with deadlines and safety procedures, and … well… rules.

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  1. LK

    This is a good point. My own concern with homeschooling is socialization – there’s more that’s learned in school than what kids encounter in the classroom. It’s not even just that kids really need other kids to hang out with. Schools are also meant to introduce them to people who don’t belong to their families or their parents’ circle of friends. In other words, school’s a place where they should meet people who are unlike them, and can learn how to coexist.


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