Monthly Archive: October 2008

7 Random Things

I just visited Reading Adventures for the first time. It’s a great blog, and I decided I’d take up Marg’s offer to take up the thread and post seven random things about myself. Once you’ve read mine, maybe you’ll post a link to yours in the comments?

Anyway, here we go:

1. I like red wine – a lot. Nothing is better than kicking back on the couch or in front of the computer with a glass of Barossa Shiraz. Mmmm mmmm. My current favorites are: Anything from Two Hands, Kirkland brand Barossa GSM (which is actually a Grant Burge GSM – gotta love Costco!), or possibly anything by Charles Cimicky. And I really miss Charles Melton from when we lived in Australia … need to find someone who stocks it.

2. I am ‘from’ too many places. I went to about 15 different schools growing up, in various places like Alaska, California, Scotland, and Norway. Makes it hard to say where I’m ‘from’ when people ask – and it gets incredibly annoying. People need to realize that it’s NOT fun to explain your life-story for the millionth time. It might be new and unique to whoever’s asking, but there are other interesting things about me than listing where I’ve lived and explaining why. I’d rather just not talk to you than go over it again.

3. I get really scared whenever the plane I’m on takes off. Totally irrational, and totally terrifying. Also really hard because I have to hide how terrified I am from my kids. I think I heard somewhere that if something will go wrong with the plane it will happen on takeoff, so that’s where THAT comes from.

4. I pretty much create the same World of Warcraft character each time, but with a different hair color. The current one has red hair, but she could the twin of any of my other characters. I like being a female Blood Elf. I have 4 of them now. I also have a female draenai and a female gnome on the Alliance side, but I don’t like them as much.

5. If I could be anywhere in the world right now I would have to choose between two places: Either sitting on the beach at Lonely Bay in the Coromandel, New Zealand, or sitting at an outside bar in Bergen, Norway drinking beer with friends. Although, since it’s October, I think I’ll opt for the beach.

6. Our family is going to Belize for our next vacation during the kids’ spring break. I have wanted to go there since fifth grade, I think. Very very excited!

7. I am still hopelessly in love with my husband. Corny, but true. He’s my best friend, and I can’t imagine my life with anyone else. I feel very lucky.

8. That was a ridiculously corny thing to say so I’ll add an eighth thing. I touch my toes every morning when I get out of the shower to prove I can still do it.

The youth today ….

I’m not even 40 yet, and I’m moaning about the “kids today”. That’s sad, but true.

I recently had to go to an industry course for work. I wasn’t actually attending the course as a student, but as someone who helps develop the course. So, I sat in the back and observed.

A variety of people from all stages of their career were attending. There was the old guy who’d been in the business forever, people in the middle of their career wanting to learn something new, and graduate new-hires fresh out of university.

Now, I would have thought that the people fresh out of university would be the ones eager and keen to learn. After all, they should probably feel as if they HAVE a lot to learn … they need to get with the program and figure out what their job is all about, etc etc.

But no. The two freshies couldn’t give a shit about what was going on. They were texting, surfing the web behind the software they were supposed to learn, didn’t take a single note, or ask a single question. They were in the presence of one of the most respected teachers in their field, and couldn’t have cared less.

What a disaster.

Kindle is boring

So, apparently, Oprah loves the Amazon Kindle. So does my boss. Good on them. However …

The Kindle reduces a book into mere words. Gone is the aesthetic of holding it in your hands and savoring the anticipation. Gone is looking at it in your bookshelf and thinking ‘hmm … yea … I remember that one ….”

Or flicking through it and thinking “I was in Bora Bora” or “Butt f ville” for that matter when I read this.

The thing is: there is so much more to a book than it’s mere words. There is the touch of it’s cover. The grains of sand that keep it stuck open from that book vacation. The wine stain from your friend who always borrows books and reads them pissed. The joy of knowing that you left your bookmark in page 216, with only 42 pages to go (you’ll finish someday).

Can the Kindle do this?

I think not.

Random Rant

This guy has a way of putting the election in perspective. I particularly like the crack dealer analogy.

Many thanks to my high school buddy, Lee, for showing me this video.

Made my day.