The youth today ….

I’m not even 40 yet, and I’m moaning about the “kids today”. That’s sad, but true.

I recently had to go to an industry course for work. I wasn’t actually attending the course as a student, but as someone who helps develop the course. So, I sat in the back and observed.

A variety of people from all stages of their career were attending. There was the old guy who’d been in the business forever, people in the middle of their career wanting to learn something new, and graduate new-hires fresh out of university.

Now, I would have thought that the people fresh out of university would be the ones eager and keen to learn. After all, they should probably feel as if they HAVE a lot to learn … they need to get with the program and figure out what their job is all about, etc etc.

But no. The two freshies couldn’t give a shit about what was going on. They were texting, surfing the web behind the software they were supposed to learn, didn’t take a single note, or ask a single question. They were in the presence of one of the most respected teachers in their field, and couldn’t have cared less.

What a disaster.

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