What has HAPPENED to my handwriting?!?

Once upon a time, I had to sit at my school desk and write essays with a fountain pen and blotter. (Yes, true story!) And then in the more recent past, although still long-long ago, I had to write exam answers that took me 5-6 hours to write BY HAND. And I survived. I scribbled furiously, writing brilliant responses to what often seemed like pointless questions.

Then, the other day, I was writing a note to my dog-walker/petsitter that needed to say more than the usual ‘Thanks! Have a great walk!’ It was not long by any stretch of the imagination – I’d say about a paragraph. But by the end of the note, my hand, fist, fingers were screaming: “Enough already!”. My hand was TIRED from writing that ‘much’ by hand! And as a result, the last sentence of that paragraph looked atrocious.

I guess if I can type 80 words a minute, I shoudn’t complain too much, but it was quite the shock!

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  1. Marg

    My handwriting used to be very nice, but I so very rarely write anything by hand these days that now it is completely shocking!


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