Loving the Wrath!

I’ve been playing the new World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King for about 10 days now … enough to get my hunter here to Level 74. It’s about time I wrote my review.

I love it!! I absolutely love it. So far, I have completed the Howling Fjord area — which means I have earned the achievement Tour the Fjord (130 quests there). I’ve also been to a couple of dungeons, and managed to get my professions up to speed. And yesterday, I went to the new central and magical city of Dalaran.

The quests are fantastic. There is very little of the boring old ‘kill 15 of each kind’ quests. Every quest has a story, and something interesting to do and figure out. I have bravely provided cover fire for trapped soldiers being attacked by ghouls, harpooned supply houses, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Perhaps one of the most amazing things I’ve done is ridden a dragon into battle. One that I could control both flight path and attacks on! I have made the dragon breathe fire and fly and swoop and everything. Probably the coolest thing I’ve done in WoW so far. I am totally excited by everything there is to do. Even the daily cooking quest I did in Dalaran was fun.

Speaking of Dalaran, it is beautiful. There’s a beer garden behind the inn, great profession stores, ports to all over the place (including The Caverns of Time – Yipee!) and a toy store. Oh, and a pet store!!

I’m loving it.

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