Today is the 16th day of the Blog Advent Tour and I am honored to be one of the bloggers to share some Pre-Christmas cheer with you.

I am definitely feeling the spirit of the season, as this is the first Christmas I will be spending in the Northern Hemisphere for a very long time. The last five have been spent in Australia, where it is hot and sunny and beachy. Summer is lovely and all, but being Norwegian, I cannot help but feel that Christmas should be spent in the dark of winter in front of a cozy fire. The Christmas bauble of Bryggen here on this page reminds me of my family in Norway who always seem especially far away during Advent.
The Colorado weather is definitely cooperating with my quest for a white Christmas at the moment – we have record low temperatures and snow on the ground. I am thrilled to be able to use my fireplace, my candles, and the outdoor lights! But today, as you take a moment out of your day to think about the Season …

I would like to take you to a different world, where the Feast of Winter Veil has arrived! Yes, on December 15th, the 11 million people who play World of Warcraft saw the arrival of some very festive cheer! Greatfather Winter has arrived in the Dwarven town of Ironforge, getting ready to hand out presents!

I know many people have heard of the online game World of Warcraft, but many of you might be mystified by the whole thing. So I thought it might be fun to share how gamers celebrate the season in the world of Azeroth. For the next two weeks, players can go on quests to find the missing deer Metzen, throw snowballs at each other, or craft special
Christmassy things. My gnome, for example, got this special letter from Greatfather Winter yesterday, with a recipe for lovely Hot Spiced Apple Cider! I also stepped into a funny looking transformer device, and stepped out dressed in a VERY skimpy Santa suit, as you can see below the recipe. I also went and told Santa what I wanted for Christmas (an epic flying mount would be nice!), and visited the present cart in Stormwind.

I’m sure most people would be amazed at all the festivities going on. Every inn in every town also has some people under a mistletoe, and if you kiss them (/kiss), you might get a pleasant surprise!!

As you can see, even the Dalaran bank is decorated with lights and Christmas trees for the Season.

I hope I have shown you a very Gamer kind of Christmas! Of course my real life is also filled with Christmas preparations, decorations, and wonderful nostalgic memories – and I can’t wait to make some wonderful memories this year.

Why not start by visiting another blog on the tour? Today’s other stops are: Stuff as Dreams are Made On and Omah’s Helping Hands. May the joy of the Season overshadow any stress that it also inevitably brings! Merry Christmas!