So, I thought I’d try something new.

We review books, and stuff in WoW all the time, and I KNOW you all travel at least a LITTLE bit sometimes. So, every third Wednesday of the month (a random day I didn’t find associations with another meme) I thought we could blog about a book and travel in some way. This first week’s theme is:

what book do you most associate with the beach and why?

Mine is Scruples by Judith Kranz. Oh dear, it will probably completely ruin my reputation, but it’s SUCH a beachy book!! Mine has granules of 3 beaches in it, I’m sure. I actually bring it along when I think everything else on my shelf might be too ‘high brow’ for the beach. It’s decadent, it’s predictable, it’s relaxing … and most of all, it’s a copy I don’t mind getting sunscreen and salt water on!!

So, I don’t know how to tag properly in a post, but I’m tagging all of you! If you receive a comment on your blog as a tag: please forgive me! I don’t know how else to do it!

Please join me in the new books’ travel meme every third wednesday of the month:

These books were meant for walking!