These books were made for walking … new meme

So, I thought I’d try something new.

We review books, and stuff in WoW all the time, and I KNOW you all travel at least a LITTLE bit sometimes. So, every third Wednesday of the month (a random day I didn’t find associations with another meme) I thought we could blog about a book and travel in some way. This first week’s theme is:

what book do you most associate with the beach and why?

Mine is Scruples by Judith Kranz. Oh dear, it will probably completely ruin my reputation, but it’s SUCH a beachy book!! Mine has granules of 3 beaches in it, I’m sure. I actually bring it along when I think everything else on my shelf might be too ‘high brow’ for the beach. It’s decadent, it’s predictable, it’s relaxing … and most of all, it’s a copy I don’t mind getting sunscreen and salt water on!!

So, I don’t know how to tag properly in a post, but I’m tagging all of you! If you receive a comment on your blog as a tag: please forgive me! I don’t know how else to do it!

Please join me in the new books’ travel meme every third wednesday of the month:

These books were meant for walking!

Comments (21)

  1. Alyce

    This sounds like a fun meme. I’m glad you left me a comment on my blog since I’m a little bit behind with reading everyone’s posts right now.

    I’ll try to post this by Friday. Thanks for the tag!

  2. Marg

    OH, good idea for a meme! I’ll give it some thought and post in the next few days.

  3. Bogsider

    Thanks for the tag and what a great idea. I also have to think about it and return with a post later on!

  4. Trixie

    Thanks for the tag! Like everyone else said I have to think about it and write a good post! Hope you’re doing well.

  5. Trixie

    Alright! Here’s the link to my post!
    Thanks again for the tag!

  6. Marg

    My post is now up!

  7. Sandra

    Just came over from Marg’s to see about the new monthly feature. Not sure I can contribute much but I’ll read other entries for ideas and think about it.

  8. Kim

    Just found you through Marge and thought this sounded like a fun idea for a meme. My post can be found here:

    *smiles from Kim, who would loved to be chilling on a beach right now as opposed to be being wrapped/ bundled up in a quilt trying to get warm!*

  9. Tif

    I just found you through Marg and think this is a great idea!! When I get a chance, I will post on my blog as well. Fun, fun, fun!!

  10. Jack

    Oh hell yeah, count me in. But I may be a day or two late on the whole 3rd Wednesday thing.

  11. Teddy Rose

    Great idea for a monthly meme. I posted about it at A Novel Challenge.

  12. care020

    This ties in with one of the goals I’ve set for this year, and it seems like fun! Here’s my post:

  13. Tif

    Finally posted and thought that I would share with you . . .

  14. Lisa

    I’m in! Sorry it took so long, but better late then never! You can find my answer here:

    Thanks for the tag!

  15. Bogsider

    I have finally made my post and it was great fun!

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