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This week’s Weekly Geeks asks: What are you passionate about? There is a much fuller explanation here.

In the post, it seems that the intention is to discuss a hobby or past time that you are passionate about. When I first read the topic, however, I instantly thought of it as a CAUSE that you are passionate about … like world peace or something like that. For me, that would be individual liberty. I tend to write impassioned posts about it … like this one. For this reason, I am a passionate follower of the United States (and occasional other countries’) Supreme Court. It usually upsets me tremendously when personal liberties are curtailed. John Stuart Mill was probably my biggest hero.

When I read the further details of the Weekly Geeks topic, however, I think my first thought wasn’t the big idea. I think the intention is more to discuss what other hobbies you get caught up in (other than reading). For me, the answer is simple: World of Warcraft. This is probably not a big secret, since I sometimes blog about my adventures there. I started playing World of Warcraft because my husband was playing it. He loved it, and I was starting to not be able to discuss his hobby with him, because I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t want to be one of those wives who put her foot down and wouldn’t let her husband play, so I decided to check it out. A month later we had two accounts in the family (you have to have an account to play the game). We now have 3 so that the kids can have their own characters too.

Sometimes, we play together, help each other out, and group together. But a lot of the times we do our own thing. I have the house specifically set up so that my husband and I are in the same room when we play.

I sit at this desk, and he sits around the corner at the little kitchen desk. We can both see the television from there. It’s nice. And we have the same hobby now, so we can talk about each others’ accomplishments and dilemmas. It’s actually pretty cool.

So what is World of Warcraft’s attraction? It’s difficult to explain to non-gamers, and even other gamers who have never tried it, but I will give it a shot. A basic introduction to the game can be found here. It’s an entire universe. You don’t just go on quests and hunt monsters, although that’s a huge part of it. You interact with the millions (over 11 million players worldwide) of players to accomplish great feats in the world of Azeroth. You are literally saving this fantasy world from great evils. Think of it as a Lord of the Rings type universe where a great evil is preying upon the land. It’s a very intricate story, which can be found here. On the way, you make lots of friends, find a few people to put on your ignore list (players you DON’t want to interact with!), and actually have a ton of fun! You also have professions like fishing, leatherworking, tailoring, etc, where you can make items that you or other players need in the game.

It’s a great escape. You can play a Night Elf druid like my Mynxx:

She usues the forces of nature to fight and to heal herself and other players. She is very attuned to nature, and uses herbs and flowers that she picks to make potions and elixirs that she can sell or use herself.

Or you can be a gnome, like my Mage Snazzie here:

This picture shows her casting a frostfire bolt. She’s kind of a deceptively sweet looking pyromaniac. I love her. She comes up to the knees of my Night Elf.

I probably play an hour or two every evening. On the weekends, I play lots and lots more. But that doesn’t mean my family doesn’t do other things. Yesterday, my family and I spent the day in the mountains skiing, for example. But I think it’s a much better use of my time than sitting vegetating in front of the television! You can get as into it as you want. Some people are in highly competitive guilds that require attendance at events and really monitor that you are doing your job well. And there are people like my 67 year old father in law who plods along at his own pace, and has a TON of fun exploring the world and figuring out how to complete quests at his own speed. There is no ‘right’ way to play the game.

If you are at all intrigued, you should try the 10 day free trial! It’s not for everyone, but 11 million people can’t ALL be wrong!

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  1. Bogsider

    That was an interesting post. I don’t know anything at all about gaming, but my better half has a couple of games he plays at least once a day. I think he is in some guild where attendance is needed. I forgot the name of the game though :o)

  2. Chris

    I’m not a gamer unless it’s the Wii.
    Causes had been done before but I chose a topic a little more personal this time around.

  3. Dorte H

    My son also loves the world of warcraft, but personally I think individual liberty is a very important passion. It is something we must never forget whether we live in the US or in little Denmark!

  4. Ladytink_534

    Video and computer games for some reason give me motion sickness (really, really bad headache with a dose of nausea). My cousin and her husband LOVE this game though.


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