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Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High
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So, you might have heard that my sister is visiting from Norway.

Today, we went to LoDo in Denver to show her the ‘city’. Right next to the very very nice restaurant we took her to for lunch (Gumbo’s), we came across something that seems to be popping up a lot around the city: a medical marijuana dispensary.

It was interesting to say the least. I like the green ‘red cross’ sign … We seem to be seeing a lot more of stuff like this appearing. I even know someone who’s getting into the business. I’m not against it; but I do find it interesting.

We were standing there staring in the window like idiots, when I saw a line of shirts hanging on a rack in there. I thought: Wait! They sell CLOTHES in there?!?” So, my sister trooped in the door to find out!

She was gone nearly 10 minutes while I stood outside wondering if I should go inside and rescue her or what. Apparently, she was treated to a long diatribe about having to provide an inviting atmosphere and a bunch of other stuff. She wasn’t sure she knew exactly WHAT the dispensary guy was saying!

Anyway, I found it interesting that it’s right across the street from the Wine Loft.

New Shoes!

New Shoes!
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So, after the spring snow storm we had on Friday, it was nearly 20 degrees Celsius (around 70 Fahrenheit) today! It was absolutely gorgeous. And, while it will be short-lived – there is another snow storm coming tomorrow apparently – I really felt the need to celebrate!

So I put on these gorgeous shoes I got from last week. My feet were screaming about it just about all day – they have been used to comy winter boots and walking shoes for months now.

I’m also glad that they have a covered toe, because my toes are in no shape to show off. It might be time to remedy that soon.

Engineering by the aquarium

We have an awesome salt water aquarium at work. Hubbie and I actually bought the reef-ready tank when we lived in Houston about 7 or 8 years ago. A couple of weeks later, we found out we were moving to Australia, so we never filled it.

In Australia, we found a prime position for it, and had the movers put it there. Two or three years later, it was still empty, so I told hubbie we simply HAD to put it in the spare room. An empty tank in the entry way was getting hard to explain away by: “we just moved in”.

But when we moved back to Denver a couple of years ago, we thought it would be great to have at the office. So we ‘sold’ the tank to the business, and got professionals to set it up and maintain it.

Our clown fish are weird. They don’t like their anemone. Haven’t been near it – not once. Chuck, the grey thing you see moving past once in a while, will eat out of hubbie’s hand. CBS, the Coral Banded Shrimp hanging upside down there to the left of the anemone will routinely shed his entire body, so it looks like he’s dead in the bottom of the tank, until you realize that’s just his old skin.

It’s a great thing to have in the office, and we get really attached to our fish – they all have names, and we get very very sad when they die.

Over the stream

Over the stream
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Another gorgeous day in Colorado. It won’t be tomorrow, though, apparently. Between 8 and 10 inches of wet, spring snow expected. Probably no walk for Buzz tomorrow then … it’s his doggy park day, so the nice people at Wags N Walks will most likely make it up to him tomorrow.

I am fascinated by the shadows on this fence every morning when I walk. I really really want to take photos from the other angle, but I always end up with my OWN shadow in the photo then — very frustrating! If anyone has a tip for how to take care of that, I’m DYING to know!


Irises I
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Every week, I pick up at least one Bouquet of flowers when I shop at Whole Foods. There’s something missing in a house when it doesn’t have fresh cut flowers around. Normally, in the spring, I get tulips, but the other day I picked up these gorgeous Irises. I am picking up tulips today too, though, because a home without tulips for the weekend is just not right.

Alachia said she has been wondering about ordering herself some flowers. I think that’s a fabulous idea. I have actually been toying with the idea of setting up some kind of weekly delivery of flowers. I tend to like simple arrangements. Wonder if it could be done.

I have a feeling my requirements would have to be explained via telephone. This makes me put it off. I FAR prefer dealing with vendors, etc, over email.

Hubbie always boasts that he buys me flowers every week. I just pick them up myself!


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Yesterday, I brought my camera along while walking Buzz, hoping for some inspiration. Everything is so brown and dreary, I felt very uninspired. Until I started noticing these things! There are about a million manholes along the creek where I walk the dog — I think it must have something to do with the storm drain system that is set up around our neighborhood.

Buzz loves it along the creek. I usually let him off the leash – he fossicks around for critters and ducks and squirrels. He also gets incredibly muddy and goes for a swim no matter how cold it is. I am lucky that he comes back whenever I call him, so whenever I see someone else coming along, I call him back, so he won’t freak them out being off the leash.

Being able to go for long, leisurely walks with Buzz twice a week by myself is another bonus to having changed to a 3-day work week! He was only getting short, little ones by the kids in the afternoon during the week. This is NOT good for a Golden Retriever with a tendency to go to fat!

Symphony warmup

Symphony warmup
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This afternoon, I took the oldest to the Colorado Symphony matinee performance of Sibelius and Grieg’s piano concerto. Wow! It was absolutely amazing! Truly wonderful. Of course I’m biased, because I love Grieg, but trust me, it was awesome.

The thing is, I was sort of grumpy about having to go earlier. I bought the tickets months ago. I do this. I buy tickets months in advance thinking this is the kind of thing we really should do more of. Then, as the time was approaching, I was thinking: awww … I’d like to just hang at home on a Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t grump out loud though – and I went – and I was transported. It was wonderful and magical, and I’m thinking, once again, that it’s the kind of thing we should do more often!

And I think the oldest liked it too!


Tortellini (trimmed)
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My family’s favorite day is the day I make home-made tortellini. I only do it a couple of times a year. Usually, around Christmas sometime, and for my Youngest’s birthday. He could keep eating them forever.

This week, I decided to make them as a surprise on a regular old Thursday. I use Jamie Oliver’s blinding pasta recipe — if you saw how many eggs went into this thing, you’d probably feel your cholesterol rise just looking at it! Then I mix together Italian sausage, Parmesan, and mozzarella cheese to make the stuffing. My sauce is a secret.

Being able to make this as a surprise for the family on a regular old Thursday was pretty cool. It’s one of the new bonuses I’ve gotten from changing to a 3Day work week.

Everyone was ecstatic by the way.

Why I don’t use my headphones

Yes, I do own headphones.  I’ve bought quite a few in my time, with lots of intentions of  using them.  And I have actually been known to use them during raids and occasional other situations.  I used to use them quite a lot actually.
But now, they are, as you can see if you look closely, gathering dust.  
This is not, as you might think, because I’m shy or scared of headsets or anything like that. Far from it.  
It has more to do with the environment I play, surf, and do other fun internetty things in.  As you probably know by now, I have a family (hubbie and two kids). And none of them are into networking, or basic chatting online for that matter.  I play in the main family room. On purpose 🙂  Both my husband and I have our computers on the main floor.  This enables us to satisfy the geek itch, the WoW itch, any other gaming itch, and still not be isolated from each other or the family.
When I put on my headset that all changes.  Little interactions between hubbie and myself become impossible.  I can’t hear what the kids are up to.  And I engage in a social activity that really excludes them while they are generally right around the corner.
So, I give up the luxury of wearing them in order to be more ‘present’ with my family, even though I am still engaged online.  I know that means there are conversations I’ll never have.  Relationships that will never be as close as I’d like them to be.  And that’s a shame, but it’s something I’m willing to give up in order to keep my family relationships the way they are.