Why I don’t use my headphones

Yes, I do own headphones.  I’ve bought quite a few in my time, with lots of intentions of  using them.  And I have actually been known to use them during raids and occasional other situations.  I used to use them quite a lot actually.
But now, they are, as you can see if you look closely, gathering dust.  
This is not, as you might think, because I’m shy or scared of headsets or anything like that. Far from it.  
It has more to do with the environment I play, surf, and do other fun internetty things in.  As you probably know by now, I have a family (hubbie and two kids). And none of them are into networking, or basic chatting online for that matter.  I play in the main family room. On purpose 🙂  Both my husband and I have our computers on the main floor.  This enables us to satisfy the geek itch, the WoW itch, any other gaming itch, and still not be isolated from each other or the family.
When I put on my headset that all changes.  Little interactions between hubbie and myself become impossible.  I can’t hear what the kids are up to.  And I engage in a social activity that really excludes them while they are generally right around the corner.
So, I give up the luxury of wearing them in order to be more ‘present’ with my family, even though I am still engaged online.  I know that means there are conversations I’ll never have.  Relationships that will never be as close as I’d like them to be.  And that’s a shame, but it’s something I’m willing to give up in order to keep my family relationships the way they are.

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